The Empty Pockets Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

While meeting with a songplugger friend in Nashville, he asked me if I would interview some clients of his that were in town. The truth be told I was not really interested. I have always tried to keep my personal interviews (unlike when I am being hired…) to be with people that I have actively searched out. This situation was a little different and also a perfect example of how the industry really is based on relationships. I didn’t want to offend my friend and I understand in this biz that if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. So I said “sure.”

It turns out that The Empty Pockets were a perfect group of musicians to interview. They had made the trip down from Chicago to pursue their dreams in Nashville. I figure that that just about sums up the majority of bands that go to Nashville looking to swim in a bigger pond. Now I had a chance to interview one.

The Empty Pockets came across as driven, bursting with energy and rearing to go. But where were they going? What was the plan? What was driving them? What did they expect they would accomplish in Nashville? Was there a strategy? What could other bands learn from them? How were they paying their bills? How did they expect people to take interest in them? How were they securing meetings? What set them apart? What was their “difference”? Why would people care? What would constitute as successful trip?

This interview was conducted live at a studio on Music Row in Nashville. While we were conducting the interview a German film crew came in with a German music star wearing a cowboy hat. They asked if the studio would mind them filming an interview with the star at the studio for German TV. The studio leapt and the opportunity to be on German TV and let them in. I thought it interesting that nobody once asked for proof that they were with German TV. I am not suggesting they weren’t but I did think, if you are looking for ways to meet people in the industry and get guaranteed one on one time without prior appointment, maybe you should go around with a video camera and say you are from a TV station. Seems like a good way to open some doors…

I hope you enjoy this interview with The Empty Pockets as much as I did!

Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator. Author.   @playitloudmusic

Interview with The Empty Pockets

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