Jo Burt Black Sabbath, Freddie Mercury, Jason BonhamThis week I have Jo Burt on the show. I have been talking to a lot of people on the business side of the industry but this week I am talking with a musician who has “done it all.” Not every one get a chance to play at Wembley Stadium or fly around on jets with Elton John, let alone do it with so many artists like Jo has.

Jo was a founding member of Sector 27 with Tom Robinson – and a member of Virginia Wolf with Jason Bonham. Burt also recorded with Freddie Mercury on his solo album, Mr. Bad Guy and was the bassist for Black Sabbath during their 1987 tour in support of the album The Eternal Idol.

He has written, toured, and performed with many other artists, including The Troggs, Brian Setzer, Bob Geldof, Roger Taylor, James Reyne, The Sweet and many, many more.

As you can imagine Jo has quite the story to tell. For this reason we decided to do this podcast in two sections. This is “The Jo Burt Story” and in two weeks (17.07.12) we will follow it up. And when we do we want it to be with questions from YOU!

Aaron Bethune.


Interview with Jo Burt



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