Jeff Leake Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

Today’s interview is with Jeff Leake,  the director of music programming for Sirius XM Canada and host of The Leak In Review. I met Jeff at a music industry panel in Victoria, BC.  He’s a knowledgable guy, a funny guy and most definitely a very well connected guy!

We got together at his hotel to do the interview and drink tea. Rock n’ roll.

I am always interested to ask questions about what people do but I’m especially interested to find out how they got where they are. The more I have looked at successful careers the more overlaps I have found with the types of events that lead to success. To be more specific, the types of opportunities that have been the stepping stones to success.

Finding success in music or business is all about the accumulated experience and knowledge that allows us to recognize and seize the opportunity that ultimately results in what the general public observe to be “overnight success.” I was curious as to what those opportunities had been for Jeff. With his experience and first hand stories to tell about artists and their careers I was curious as to what advice he could offer for those looking for a career in music.

In our interview we talk about how to get your music on the radio, how to submit it, the importance of having a story, how to incorporate airplay into your overall strategy, the importance of follow up, but more importantly when to approach radio and why. Jeff also talks about networking and being ready and willing to take opportunities when they present themselves no matter how big or small they may seem.


Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator.   @playitloudmusic

Interview with Jeff Leake

To listen to Jeff’s show:  Jeff Leake In Review