Bas Grasmayer Above The Noise Music Industry PodcastBas Grasmayer is a futurist, communication consultant, DJ and music lover from The Netherlands. He is currently the Head of Information Strategy of Dream Industries – which operates Zvooq, Bookmate and T&P-. He majored in International Communication Management which looks into branding and identity, intercultural communication, trendwatching and concept development, as well as PR.

You may have read one of his articles on Techdirt or Hypebot or even seen his presentation at the most recent MIDEM conference in Cannes, or like me, you may have found out about him after coming across his thesis online!

His graduation thesis is about non-linear music marketing in the digital age. He presents ways in which record labels can adjust their online communication strategy to the realities created by the internet. Through his thesis he develops a thorough understanding of how brands can use the internet to connect with consumers and build a community that they can market to. He talks about how to build an ecosystem so as to build, develop and maintain fans. And, more importantly, how to market to them.

After realizing the current problems within the music industry he has developed a model which he believes is sustainable and profitable for all. Our interview discusses his model, the current industry, the future of music and what you can do to increase your success in it!

His thesis is available for FREE and under a Creative Commons license here.

Aaron Bethune. Music Industry Specialist.

Interview with Bas Grasmayer


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Here is an article well worth reading in which Bas argues why nobody has ever paid for music directly: Why Music Is Not A Product & Three Reasons Why That’s A Good Thing: