Charles Alexander Digital Music & Media Strategist Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

Today’s interview is with digital music and media strategist, music technology educator, singer/songwriter, Nashvillian, and bioinformacist, Charles Alexander. Charles is also founder of Outside The Box Music, a digital media development, strategy and artist services company.

Charles helps artists, musicians & songwriters create and extend their online presence. He implements strategies and runs campaigns to increase fan acquisition, engagement and create brand awareness. The intent of these efforts are to acquire and nurture a fan base that would help artists build and maintain sustainable careers.

He has been quoted in The Washington Post and The Tennessean and featured on the front page of the international music technology blog, HypeBot.Com. He has spoken at events held by ASCAP, Americana Music Association, The Folk Alliance International, NSAI and has contributed to the national discussion on SOPA, the online piracy bill.

Charles performs at venues like The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee on a regular basis. He speaks at national & regional indie & digital music events and is an ardent advocate for independent music.

Today we go in depth on how to use analytics to build an online strategy, get your pen and paper ready!

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Interview with Charles Alexander

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