Bill Caywood Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

This week’s interview is with Bill Caywood. Bill is a graphic designer and branding expert, he is the CEO of Brett Manning’s Singing Success, the Creative Director of TraitMarker, founder of, co-founder of Festivalus and the co-founder of Caspian Productions. His clients range from Faith Hill and Jimmy Eat World to Interscope Records, EMI and Warner Brothers.

This is another of the interviews I conducted while in Tennessee set up through our mutual friend Robbie Grayson. I soon learned after meeting Robbie that if he said I should meet somebody I was going to be grateful of the connection. He knows some amazing people and they all listened when he said he wanted to connect them with the new guy in town!

There is something about Robbie that makes him a connector and person that people gravitate to. You can expect an interview with him in the future!

I had just interviewed Brett Manning when Robbie and Brett told me I should meet Bill, the mastermind behind the marketing of Singing Success. I am always interested to find out people’s approach and what’s behind successful marketing campaigns. After researching more on Bill I realized that Singing Success was just one of many successful projects that he was a part of. As a student of the school of life, and without formal higher education, I wanted to find out how Bill had gone from high school to working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In our interview we discuss a topic that many artists have difficulties with, how to charge for your art and value yourself. How do you put a price tag to something that is not always tangible, something that is an “experience”? We talk about the importance of taking risks and how to quantify success. Bill discusses in depth the Brett Manning brand and the natural and organic evolution of branding.

I particularly enjoyed this interview because Bill goes into detail on his approach, he is authentic and a bright guy to say the least! I truly believe that the content of his answers can shed insight to your own marketing and branding.

Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator.   @playitloudmusic

Interview with Bill Caywood

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