Solveig Whittle, Musician, Marketer, Music IndustryThis week I am interviewing Solveig Whittle. Solveig is involved in the North West Music Experience, a music conference debuting next year in Seattle. She is a singer and music marketer as well as a software developer. As she puts it: “I’m a high tech marketer who has a serious music habit I’ve been feeding for the past 30 years. I love how these two interests are finally coming together for me.”

Starting her professional career in music a little later in life she has applied her previous success in business to her career in music. With her own success she is helping other aspiring musicians to do the same.

Coming from the tech world it is surprising just how many similarities can be drawn to the current music industry. Solveig was involved in the early software development at Microsoft. Creativity and collaboration were as important in the early days of Microsoft as they are in today’s music industry.

There is always a lot to be learned from the experiences of others and the conversation with Solveig shares many!

Aaron Bethune

Interview with Solveig Whittle

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