Jason Krammer, Above The Noise Interview, Music Supervisor, KCRW Host

Today I’m talking with the head of music supervision at Elias arts and Saturday night host on KCRW, Jason Kramer.

Elias arts is a prestigious music production company based in Santa Monica and New York. Elias Arts specializes in original music composition, sound design, music supervision, and audio branding for television, film, and commercials, and has won countless awards for over the years. Jason’s extensive knowledge of music coupled with a great intuition makes him an integral part of the Elias Team. His job is to help find the perfect music solution for every project.

Jason has also been a part of the KCRW 89.9 FM family for the last 14 years and still hosts the widely popular show on Saturday Evenings from 10-12. He is immersed in all the new music before it hits the airwaves.

Jason also has been heavily involved in virtually every aspect of music for decades, from working with bands like Skunk Records/ Sublime, to music supervision, radio producing for FOX, publishing, music photography and commercial and television production.

We talk about how environment, relationships, knowledge, passion, and persistence play a part in being heard above the noise! We also talk about how you can get your music licensed.

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Interview with Jason Kramer

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