Marty Neumeier Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast Aaron BethuneToday I am speaking once again with Marty Neumeier. The last time we spoke it was on the topic of branding, a topic on which Marty is an internationally renown authority. He has written many books including Zag which was named one of the “top hundred business books of all time” for its insights into radical differentiation; and The Brand Gap, considered by many the foundational text for modern brand building.

It fascinates me how often musicians are told to find a real job and that they will never be successful in terms of a career at their art. However, it seems that  “real jobs” are less and less of a “real option” in today’s economy as technology is taking over in what Marty is calling “the robotic age.”

We are certainly in the midst of of a shift into a new paradigm,and to find success in this new age we need to apply a different set of skills, Metaskills. And these skills is exactly what Marty’s book is all about!

Today’s wide spread unemployment is not a jobs crisis, it’s a talent crisis. Technology is taking every job that doesn’t require a high level of creativity, humanity or leadership. These traits should be familiar to any successful artist as they are a big part of building a career in the new music industry.

In today’s interview we are going to talk about how these skills described in Marty’s book can be applied to the careers of musicians and artists and we will be discussing the metaskills feeling, seeing, dreaming, making and learning.

Aaron Bethune. Music Consultant. Creative Collaborator.


Interview with Marty Neumeier

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I love Marty’s books and getting to talk to him once again is fascinating as well as enlightening. I know you will appreciate the insights that Marty shares!