Oscar Furtado Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

Today’s interview is with Oscar Furtado on the art of radio promotion.

Oscar is a renowned Canadian radio promoter who has worked with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Tiesto, Swollen Members, Classified, and Marcy’s Playground to Jets Over Head, Madeleine Peyroux, Robbie Robertson and Jordan Knight. He focuses on commercial radio in Canada and knows exactly what it takes to break on radio.

Radio is not only part of the “rockstar dream” but it is a crucial aspect to a “rockstar career.”

When I first met Oscar a few years back, I remember him telling me that he recommended artists do some of the groundwork themselves before hiring a radio tracker. But how do you get started? Where do you begin?

I asked Oscar some straight up questions to help understand not only the process but how exactly you can get your music on the radio. What format do stations want your music in and how do you deliver it to them? Who do you call at the station? What do you say on the phone? How do you find out if your track gets added to rotation? How do the charts work and how can you chart? Should you focus on certain stations? Is it better to start locally or go nationally? What are the best ways to build relationships at radio? Who makes the decisions? Is there a better day of the week to phone? Why do some songs get picked and others don’t…? These are a few of the many questions Oscar tackled.

There is a lot here and you might want to take some notes. Oscar’s answers will give you more than enough information to start laying the ground work and beyond!


Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator.

Interview with Oscar Furtado

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