Gregg Stewart Above The Noise Music Industry PodcastToday’s interview is with Gregg Stewart, a marketing expert with over 13 years of first hand experience in the entertainment industry.

As the Associate Director, Music Marketing Strategy & MuchFACT he’s the main point of contact for music industry partners at Bell Media Inc. when it comes to music and entertainment.

Gregg leads the music team in weekly committee meetings, promo opportunities, communications, production, programming, appearances on all media platforms across their brands. Brands include MuchMusic, MuchMore, MTV, MTV2, MuchLoud, MuchVibe, MuchRetro, Juicebox, The Loop, E!, at broadcast and for all of their digital offerings.

Gregg also leads the MuchFACT team which is a funding board that supports Canadian music through content creation for all media platforms.

He was instrumental in the launch of MTV in Canada in 2006 and also grew the audiences of the major shows by 40% from year one! He has been involved with MTV events nationally from Wakefest in Kelowna to World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler.

This interview covers topics including:

  • How to get into the music industry
  • Building your value
  • Instant gratification and YouTube
  • New music discovery
  • Making the most of music placements
  • Building relationships and following through.
  • SXSW and beyond
  • Factors that count beyond the music
  • Timing
  • How Much Music and MTV formulate their own countdown chart and what factors in
  • MuchFact and creative pitching

Gregg is a very knowledgable guy and offers some great insight. Get out your pens and paper and take notes!

Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator.  @playitloudmusic

Interview with Gregg Stewart:

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