Brian Thompson Above The Noise Music Industry PodcastIt has been a few weeks since my last podcast and I have certainly missed it! I love these interviews and get the feeling so do all of you!

I have moved down to the Southern States with my family and set up a new office in Georgia. Although I would be the first to rave about Canada I certainly can’t say I am missing the weather. November in Georgia, wearing shorts and t-shirts, beats wearing rain gear on Vancouver Island!

Today I am interviewing Brian Thompson of Thornybleeder. Brian is a well known social media and music marketing expert. Today however I am asking Brian questions regarding what it has taken for him to rise above the noise.

Over the last few years Brian has carved his niche in the current music industry. After having been head buyer for a popular Canadian music retail chain, he has now become an advocate of the freemium music model. His Twitter bio reads: “creative coach. music marketer. podcaster. blogger. guy behind The DIY Daily Newsletter & Podcast”  and for those of you who don’t know, Brian puts out a podcast every day! Wow!

Brian and I go deep on what it takes to find personal success and rise above the noise.

Aaron Bethune.

Interview with Brian Thompson

A couple of years ago I interviewed Brian with a focus on Social media and can say that it is still extremely relevant. If you would like to read it you can do so here.

To find out more about Brian please visit his websites here: