Interview with Kevin Fetterplace

NYC Publicist Kevin FetterplaceAs you know these interviews are about being heard above the noise. Who better to interview than a publicist for just that reason! Kevin Fetterplace is a publiscist whose job it is to get his clients heard above the noise. With grammy award winning clients he is a go to guy for PR in the music industry. Aaron Bethune.

Kevin Fetterplace is a world-renowned publicist with a unique, impressive and illustrious resume as PR Account Director for dozens of clients worldwide.

He has specialized in Entertainment and Creative Technology and Creative People with extensive experience in the related industries of:

  • The Recording Industry:
    • Professional Audio: Manufacturers and distributors
    • Broadcast: TV, Radio facilities / gear
    • Film/Video: Directors, producers, facilities
    • Photography:
    • Advertising: Media planning
    • Music: Composers, music libraries, recording studios, record producers, musical instrument manufacturers and been responsible for dozens of albums released on major and indie labels around the world.
    • Record label/publishing experience: Range of labels from Indie to major as talent representative, A+R, marketing, product management. Owned management company, professional security company and radio/tv plugging agency at age 21.
    • Tour and Event Publicity: with local, national and International tours promoting technology on tours throughout the US and Europe. Travelled up to 140,000 miles a year for five years. He knows hotels!.
    • Artist Liaison/Client Liaison: From high levels in Government to major talent representatives to ad agencies, trade, consumer and prosumer media)
    • Events: Event organization. Press conferences, International media tours, parties, receptions, trade show organization. Unit Publicist.

Other Skils and Experience:

  • Managed artists for 10 years, extensive experience with record labels, publishing companies, touring logistics.
  • Sponsorships, endorsements, fund raising for charities and events.
  • Trained Print Media Publisher
  • (Daily Express London)
  • Currently representing almost exclusively creative people, including 30 of the world’s top music video, movie and commercial directors, 30 of the world’s top record producers and 6 of the world’s top photographers including Richard Corman, Len Irish, Dean Freeman, Olaf Haushaulz, Peter Zander and Neil Wilder.
  • Specialties

Expert in the marketing of Entertainment Technology. “If you’re listening to music, watching TV shows or commercials, going to the movies, seeing a live show, I have probably had something to do with it somewhere in the chain.” Kevin Fetterplace.