Shimone The Consumer, The Fan, The Musician, PlayItLoudMusicAfter speaking with experts on the business side of the industry as well as established artists, now it is time to talk to the consumer and fan!

This week I have 15 year old Shimon on the show. Shimon has been a great person to talk to as he is a music consumer, music fan and a budding young musician. He is a potential client for producers and studios, and is part of the generation targeted by a lot of the experts I have spoken to.

At 15 he has the ability to make some money and choose where he spends it, even get a loan if need be from his parents and pay them back. It is interesting where he spends this money, how he values music, where he discovers music, what is “cool,” how he experiences music, how much music he listens to, etc…

While originally from the Czech Republic Shimon now lives in Malibu. With friends in both countries and trips to visit Europe multiple times a year, it is interesting to find out about the music scenes, the different music trends, what is considered hip, and what similarities and differences exist, etc…

I cannot recommend more highly listening to what Shimon has to say as his insight is as eye opening to your marketing, sales, branding, fanbase building, etc… as any of the other experts who have appeared on the show so far!

Aaron Bethune.

Interview with Shimon