Steve Jones on Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

Your brand is a huge part of getting heard above the noise, staying above the noise, and making a living doing it. Your brand is your reputation and it is what is going to sell tickets, shirts, music and more. Everything you do and everything you say plays into your brand. Knowing the importance of branding I spoke with author and brand expert Steve Jones about building and managing a brand.

Aaron Bethune.

For nearly 30 years, Steve Jones has worked in the music industry in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. He’s had a front row seat to the rise (and sometimes fall) of some of rock & roll’s biggest. Combining his two passions, music and business, Steve takes the lessons learned from the greatest acts in rock history and applies them directly to business.

Here is a little about his book Brand Like A Rock Star:

Build a business as consistent as AC/DC and as surprising as KISS. Create fans as dedicated as Jimmy Buffett and The Grateful Dead. Be as passionate as U2 and as focused as Bob Marley.

Brand Like A Rock Star reveals the core marketing and branding strategies behind the success of the world’s greatest bands and uses them to make your business rich and famous.