Steve Rennie Above The Noise

Steve Rennie was a record executive and artist manager for more than a decade before he decided enough was enough. He wouldn’t take on clients– no new bands. That was before he found Incubus.

Several years and millions of albums later, Rennie manages just one band, Incubus.

Despite the band’s success Incubus now faces the same challenges as any other trying to find an audience. The playing field has never been more level. Bands, labels, managers, agents, publicists; everyone is forced to rethink the game. This is where Rennie’s gregarious nature comes in.

Rennie is arguably one of the most forward-thinking managers in the business. He understands which old school promotions methods still work and which don’t. He has opinions on which digital strategies produce measurable results and which are wastes of time and money. And he wants to share this knowledge with you free of charge with no strings attached. Steve Rennie pulls no punches. No topic is off-limits, ever.

With the kick-off of his web series and community-driven website, Rennie aims to be the Dr. Phil of the music business. His series is designed to help musicians and industry hopefuls get their heads in the right place to do something great in the music business. He intends to answer every question with no sugar-coating, as “Renman” says, “absolutely no bullsh*t.”

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Today I am talking to Steve Rennie about how artists rise above the noise. For someone who has been there and done that in every area of the music industry and has been part of the old model and the new, Renman has a lot of insight to share!

We discuss: How he got started, having a goal, dream it do it, networking, characteristics of artists that rise above the noise, success and the middle class musician.

The knowledge that Steve shares in this interview as well as all you can find on his website is priceless!

Aaron Bethune. Music Consultant. Creative Collaborator.

Interview with Steve Rennie

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