Music Marketer & Communications Specialist Wes Davenport I have been following Wes for some time online and especially enjoyed an interview/case study with him in Hypebot. He shared some information on the marketing success he had with Nashville band “Vinyl Thief,” how they had used the different tools available to them and what worked best.

Wes is fairly new to the industry. I thought it would be interesting to interview somebody who is starting out on the premises of what the new music industry offers and how they are making it work for them.

Wes is in the process of getting heard above the noise, so I wanted to find out what he is doing to make it above the rest!

Aaron Bethune.

We cover:

-How “Free” equals “revenue”
-Big fish in a small pond
-What inspires people to go to a live event
-How the live scene is changing and what some of the new venue opportunities are

Interview with Wes Davenport