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Today’s interview is with my friend Robbie Grayson from Franklin Tennessee. Robbie is the CEO of TraitMarker, a way for you to discover the “real you.” As it states on the website: “Chances are that your personality lies buried beneath years of expectations and demands that life has heaped upon you. TraitMarker uncovers the genuine you lying beneath it all…” 

Robbie works with many well known artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and so on. I’m curious as to if there are any similarities in the traits of those that are most successful. I’m also interested to find out what Robbie told a number of highly successful business people as well as Grammy Award winning artists that he invited to his house, in Franklin TN, to meet me a while back.  On very short notice he put together two days of meetings that he hosted at his house, but what was it that he said or did that inspired these people to show up?

I have met a lot of people in my life and continue to build my network on a weekly basis. After a while you start to find similarities in people’s ways and actions. I have come to recognize the types of people that have a large network of loyal relationships. There is just something about these people that make them connectors. Robbie is one of these people. 

We talk about trust and honesty and their role in business success and living the life we want. Not only that but how to build and establish trust in order to develop our careers. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks podcast!

Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator.

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Interview with Robbie Grayson

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