Martin Atkins Above The NoiseI have been speaking to Martin about doing this interview for about a year. Between our schedules it seems to have been almost impossible to line it up. Finally we made it happen and 25 minutes in you’ll find out how it ended…

Martin is a guy that has “been there, done that…” he has played with everyone from Johnny Rotten in his band Public Image, Ltd to Pig Face, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Flea, Danny Carey from Tool, and many others… He owns a record label and is an in demand speaker at music conferences around the world as well as a professor at Columbia College in Chicago. He is the author of many books including most recently Tour Smart.

I was curious to find out what the decisions and opportunities had been along the way that lead Martin from Johnny Rotten to the educator and entrepreneur he is today. For the record he still plays on albums and sits behind the kit for bands. How he has time for everything I don’t know but he was up for sharing some of it with me to answer these questions!


Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Creative Collaborator  @playitloudmusic


Interview with Martin


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